A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals

So you’re looking into crystals and wondering what exactly they are used for. Is it just aesthetic, or is there more to it? What “healing” properties do they have? Well it’s time to settle those questions that might be battling in your brain. Let’s start with what they are used for.


In this context, we will be discussing about crystals in a spiritual sense. For those who are walking into a spiritual path, crystals can be used for daily meditation to center and align the body. They can also aid in emotional and mental healing if the wearer of the crystal can will it (take note that you do not have to wear the crystal in order for it to have such properties).

Different crystals hold different abilities, but most crystals are an aid to the heart and soul of those who look for spiritual healing.  Whether or not these crystals have proven to hold abilities is not scientifically proven. but if you ask those who take advantage of them, they will tell you they most certainly help in some way. So if you’re just looking for some pretty jewelry or something deeper, crystals can help in any way.


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