The Most Popular Crystals


Perhaps due to their aesthetic value or the belief that they hold energy fields, crystals have consistantly been popularized and utilized. As said in the previous post, it has been proven that crystals do emit a frequency or energy signature. However, going back in human history, there has been a largely shared connection between the belief of crystals and magic. In fact, there has been evidence that the use of crystals go back as far as 4BC. Ancient civilizations have used gems and similar materials as healing ingredients, and this practice continues to this day.

Some of these popular crystals are:

  1. Turquoise. These gems are widely believed to hold properties of protection, increase calmness, and ease depression.4382__orig
  2. Amethyst. These crystals are known to be very powerful in healing and bringing clarity to the mind.crystal-amethyst
  3. Crystal Quartz. Known for its silicone and usage in computing, these crystals have been a large influence in meditation and healing history. Allegedly, it can be utilized to bring light and energy in spiritual bodies.240px-Quartz,_Tibet
  4. Citrine. These specific crystals are believed to attract prosperity, self-confidence, creativity, and provide relief of depression and anxiety


These are obviously not the only well-known crystals, but these have constantly attracted attention and popularity across the world and throughout history. Crystals have always been a part of history, and is now a part of modern culture. Without a doubt, crystals have the full capability of gaining even more popularity.


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