Misconceptions of Crystals

You have all seen the common theme in entertainment that surrounds crystals: an old fortune teller is sitting in a dimly lit room, dust covers the ancient furniture, the only light comes from the crystal pendulum the fortune teller is swinging in their hands. As much as that is a fun scene full of suspense and magic, it does not hold much credibility. Those hollywood tropes tend to encourage misconceptions, such as:

Crystals hold magic capabilities

As mentioned in an older post, crystals are merely theĀ solidification of chemicals created by an internal arrangement of atoms and molecules. The only proved and scientific advancement that crystals have merit to is the structure of technology and their involvement in machinery. Contrary to popular belief, crystals are not solely directed to demographic of spell casters.

Only witches use crystals

Crystals are utilized in many different way, ranging from jewelry, meditational techniques, and scientific improvements. There are many cultures that use crystals in rituals, but they do not have to be considered witches. Like any other aspect of nature, they can be helpful and relaxing to the person who find peace within them. Other misconceptions include that crystals and gems are for “hippies” and that people need to relate and connect to their soul in order to fully appreciate gems. Popular entertainment has magnified and pronounced these general cliches, making it harder for people to take the practice or the minerals themselves seriously.


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